We’ll train you to train bots on our intern scheme 

From our AI lab in Warwick, our team is creating all kinds of artificial intelligence that the world can’t wait to use. We build bots and train them. We created our Bot Platform as a Service PaaS so they can act on their intelligence. And we push boundaries and experiment with other cool stuff too, like 3D holograms. (Yes, like that scene in Star Wars.) 

But to do all this awesome, varied stuff we need awesome, varied people. That’s why we’re on the lookout for interns – people with switched-on brains overflowing with great ideas and optimism for what we can achieve with AI. People who are also new to the industry and have a fresh and different perspective. 

Be part of our big vision for the UK’s AI  

We think it’s so important to bring people into the team who don’t have years of experience. Not just for them and us, but for the UK.  

Currently, there’s a very real AI skills gap in the UK. While that means making a career in AI right now is a really smart, lucrative decision, our internship scheme is part of our vision to address the talent shortage. Investing in the next generation of developers is crucial to keeping up with the rapid advances in AI and the demand on talented AI specialists. And that’s something we want to the UK to be famous for. 

Edward has been interning with us since 2017, while he studies for a Masters in computer science at the University of Warwick. He said: ‘Developing chatbots has introduced me to a wide range of new skills that complement my degree nicely. Much of my job involves creating new techniques to solve problems. Like, how do we ask the user questions and understand their answers? And what happens when they change the subject?’ If we were to download everything Edward’s learnt so far, we reckon it would be at least a yottabyte. 

Is it you we’re looking for? ? 

If you’ve finished at least two years of uni and want to get your head out of books and into bots, our 12-month internship could be perfect for you. 

Ideally, you’ll know at least one programming language like Node.js, PHP, Python, C# or JavaScript. You don’t have to be perfectly fluent. Having good HTML/CSS skills will also help you hit the ground running. The main thing we’re really after is someone who’s great at solving problems and thinking logically. We can help you learn the rest. 

Sound like you? Read more about the role and apply here.