Build seamless retail customer journeys with Lobster AI

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Personalised User Experience

Lobster memory ensures key information such as the customer’s name, local store, and user preferences are remembered. This enables seamless, intelligent, and natural conversations creating a personal, unified user experience for the customer. Simultaneously, your organisation benefits from this information which can create more accurate and insightful marketing, supply chain, strategy, and logistics. Read how Lobster memory is used for Coop here.

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Product Search

“Show me black dresses in a size 12” “What types of lamps do you have in stock?” “Do you sell gluten free birthday cakes?”

Lobster can search for this information and respond to your customers thus encouraging engagement, creating additional consumer touchpoints and alleviating stress from your call centres. Your branded retail assistant will answer customers with various product options showing an image, product features and price. Customers then have the option to select a product and add it to their basket.  

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Sustainability tracker

We know sustainability is high on consumers’ agenda. Our sustainability checker can give ratings on products such as water consumption, travel, and labour. Providing consumers with the data that matters most empowers, increases transparency and trust whilst adding a personal, narrative to your products. This innovative tech also provides a key differentiator from the competition. Discover more about how EBI.AI promotes sustainability here.

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Order Status

Order status allows customers to check the status, shipping and delivery of their order. Lobster can then help users amend, cancel or add items. By swiftly managing order queries in this way pressure is alleviated from call centres whilst also improving customer touch points and overall experience.

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As you can see, we push the boundaries and create truly immersive retail experiences for your consumers. Alongside these features, we can also provide answers to some of your customers’ more frequently asked questions such as loyalty card information, shop opening hours, and COVID-19 policies.

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