Artificial Intelligence, Humanised

Give your customers the contact and conversations they're craving, instantly.

Built using IBM Watson technology.

AI communications for your business

Your challenges are unique so why wouldn’t your AI be? offer a range of bespoke conversational AI solutions for your contact centre and customer services teams. Do any of these challenges sound familiar?



  • I don't know how to exploit this exciting technology in my business
  • I am data rich, but information poor
  • My agents/CSRs are giving inconsistent answers
  • I need to deflect some calls away from our contact centre agents
  • I want to increase engagement with people visiting our website
  • I want to give our customers an amazing experience

AI solutions workshop

Explore how AI can help you.


  • A 2-day design workshop to do some real design thinking, and match your challenges to our solutions.
  • If your company has unique challenges, this is a great place to start.

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AI Insight

Get actionable insights from your communications.


  • Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the communications you receive from all of your channels (phone, web chat, messaging, voice assistant).
  • Real-time communication data to provide you with actionable insights. Then combined with other data, and delivered via Power BI for wider, strategic decision making.

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AI Assist

Turn your agents into superheroes.


  • Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide your agents/representatives with suggested responses and relevant information from your CRM or knowledge base.

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AI Chatbots and voicebots

Rethink your customer experiences.


  • Our bread-and-butter; automating front line conversations with customers over voice, chat, messenger apps or smart assistants.
  • These solutions integrate with your internal systems to resolve queries and accurately record information.

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Let your customers choose how they contact you.


  • Give your customers choice in how they contact you with a webchat solution which is specifically designed to work with AI chatbots.
  • Bot first, allows seamless hand over to a person, without the customer leaving the chat window.

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Smart home assistants

Innovate your customer experiences.


  • Deploy a virtual assistant to smart home devices like Google assistant or Amazon Alexa to really impress your customers at home, in the cars or on mobile.

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  • Need some help? Tell us your greatest customer service or contact centre challenge.

Our AI communications platform

Our bespoke solutions are delivered through our AI communications & Bot platform. Over 5 years of R&D have gone into this platform and here are just a few features that make it a unique, market leading, enterprise level AI communications and bot platform.

Our approach illustration

Our Approach

All projects start from your business priorities and challenges. Once we understand these, we can design and configure your solution in 4-6 weeks. Once live, we offer a managed service to keep your AI up, running and improving.

Define the scope

Choose your user interfaces, topic areas, tone of voice & languages

Configure your solution

Connect your data & systems

Deploy to live users

By deploying to live users, get the best data to train your bot

Maintain and improve

Want to find out more?

If you have questions or would like to talk about a specific project you have in mind, please get in touch.
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