Maximise efficiency and reduce costs with conversational AI

Discover how our Lobster AI platform can help insurance companies turn everyday queries into extraordinary conversations.

Customer policy queries

“What’s the status of my claim? Am I covered for home emergencies? Is my ring covered? How do I renew my policy?”

A Lobster powered AI assistant can search for this information and provide a personalised response to your customer without needing to hand over to an agent.

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Identification & Verification

Lobster is able to carry out the necessary security questions to confirm the personal details of the customer. This saves on average 30-60 seconds of the agents time and in turn allows them to responds to more calls, more quickly.

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Gather Management Information

With Lobster reports you can gain valuable insights into thousands of interactions with your customers. Discover:
1) Reasons for cancellation
2) System, process and service issues
3) NPS or other customer satisfaction scores

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FAQ’s can be handled with ease

Lobster can handle huge quantities of FAQ’s that are mundane, time consuming and expensive. This alleviates stress from agents who consequently are more relaxed when required to answer more intricate queries. Happier agents means better conversations with customers that in turn creates positive brand experiences – a win-win!

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