Create a seamless Public Sector consumer experience with conversational AI

AI to the rescue for the Public Sector

Customer queries

“My bin hasn’t been collected”, “I want to change my address” and “I need to pay council tax.”

Utilising both web and telephone-based AI we are able to give personalised responses to queries such as missed bin collections, council tax brackets and applying for a skip licence without the need to pass over to an agent. Lobster can be utilised widely across council services within departments such as Waste & Recycling, Council Tax, Benefits & Revenue, Highway Management etc.

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24/7 agents

Lobster eliminates the need for sick days, holidays or furlough – in fact the harder Lobster is worked the more accurate and efficient it becomes. In experiments run by EBI.AI we found 35% of queries were answered outside of office hours, reducing the workload on agents during the day who could focus on more complex and sensitive calls.

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Community AI

Unlike Private Sector organisations that may be less inclined to share learning derived from their AI assistant the Public Sector can share their knowledge, resources and thus collaborate to create huge mutual savings. We offer a sector-specific solution for local councils in order to capitalise on this opportunity.

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Find us on Government Frameworks!

We have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 framework and on the AI DPS Framework. We hope this will allow Public Sector organisations to gain easier access to our cost-saving, efficiency gaining service.

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