Case Study

Student property management made simple with AI

Property management can be all-consuming: from blocked sinks to broken locks, there’s often a little job that needs doing. But these small tasks soon pile up, costing valuable time and money, and taking property managers away from the wider demands of the business. What if there was another way?

Enter EBI’s AI student accommodation bot. Our bot acts as a personal assistant – both to you and your residents. The bot’s cutting-edge technology means that it can live in messaging platforms, allowing your residents to reach you from anywhere. The bot can log problems, schedule maintenance engineers, and even help students to fix simple property issues for themselves – meaning that, for you and your residents, satisfaction is but a chat away. With our bot’s help, you’ll revolutionise the way your team works, reducing stress and increasing efficiency, and maximise resident satisfaction and retention.

Here’s how it could work…

Persona 1: Ellie

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

“I was a bit nervous about living away from home for the first time – I’m not very practical! But I was looking forward to having my own place, cooking my own meals, coming home when I wanted, that sort of thing. Never living away from home meant I didn’t have a clue what to do when confronted with a blocked sink in our bathroom, though. I panicked a bit – could it flood the whole place?

The bot made things so easy. With Alexa’s help, I got in touch and told the bot what was happening. I thought I was going to have to wait ages for a maintenance man to come, but instead it asked me a few straightforward questions and then showed me how to fix it! Not only was the solution really quick and easy but I felt quite proud that I’d managed to sort it myself without having to get a plumber in. I’ve been here nearly a year now and not gotten into any more scrapes, but if I did I’d get in touch with the bot right away – it’s so simple to use.

Really like the setup here and feel very secure; will definitely be staying on for at least another year!”

Persona 2: Julie

Age: 40

Occupation: Property Manager

“I’ve been a property manager for many years and the company has expanded a great deal during that time. Whilst I enjoy the challenges of running multiple properties, it has taken me away from the customer-facing side of the business. I now juggle a portfolio of properties and manage a large team, and simply don’t have as much time to interact with residents as I used to. We’re all extremely busy over here – it got to the stage where I was dreading anything going wrong because I knew trying to sort it out would take my team away from other, crucial jobs.

I was a bit dubious about involving a chatbot, to be fair – how could AI take the place of a human? – but I needn’t have worried. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done. The bot is so clever yet easy to use. My residents are happy because their problems are sorted really quickly – we’ve had missing keys, frozen pipes, and even a ladybird infestation to deal with – and my team and I are happy because it frees us up to spend time on other areas. Added to that, properties are now in much better condition at the end of a tenancy because any issues are reported and solved quickly, saving us money in the long run. Best of all, resident retention has improved noticeably, which is a huge bonus.”

As the scenarios above demonstrate, our bots have been proven to reduce landlord costs, improve resident satisfaction and enhance communications between residents and property management teams (the in-built translation tool makes conversing with residents from other countries easy, too). In addition, the valuable data harvested by the bot is yours to analyse and use: a powerful tool for forecasting future problems and improving services.

We believe all residents should feel as satisfied as Ellie and all property managers should have the peace of mind that Julie now enjoys. If you agree, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Whether you’d simply like to learn more about our amazing bots or would like to request a demo, we’re here to help.