Case Study

How Legal & General scaled their AI assistant during Covid-19

“SmartHelp is the next stage in our digital journey, enabling an AI driven self-service experience, better able to meet the needs of the digital customer.”

– Ben Turner, Chief Technology Officer of Legal & General Insurance

At the beginning of this year the EBI.AI team set to work to transform Legal & General Insurance’s customer service to create SmartHelp, a virtual AI assistant.

SmartHelp is available 24/7 on the Legal & General Insurance website to quickly answer thousands of the most commonly asked questions relating to L&G’s products in an average of 3 interactions.

With many projects challenges arise, but none as challenging as the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to the increase in calls Legal & General’s contact centre were receiving, EBI.AI accelerated and scaled the number of queries that SmartHelp could answer.

What you will learn from this case study:

  • How virtual assistants can reduce the number of repetitive calls contact centres receive on a daily basis
  • How to  empower customer service agents to handle more complex and rewarding tasks
  • The process of scaling a virtual AI solution in response to external challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic

The results: 

  • At least 10.6% of Legal & General customers use SmartHelp on the available web pages, on some pages as high as 40%
  • SmartHelp can now provide over 300 answers to thousands of the most commonly asked questions

*Legal & General Insurance, part of LV= General Insurance

To dive a little deeper and view the seriously impressive results achieved by SmartHelp, download the case study to find out more.

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