Case Study

Get Living – creating extraordinary experiences for their residents.

In a UK Build-To-Rent (BTR) first, all 500 homes at Victory Plaza, Get Living’s newest building in E20, will come complete with a Google Home device, and virtual Get Living Assistant.

The challenge

For a UK BTR provider, customer experience is the highest priority. The incredible homes on the old Olympic park are perfect for the young, tech-savvy, and fashionable residents of London’s hottest neighbourhood.

Get Living conduct a face-to-face, manual ‘move-in’ to the homes; meeting the new residents, walking them around and giving them a personal one-on-one welcome to their new home. The challenge was the amount of information that residents are given when moving in. This was difficult for the newly arrived resident to take in, remember or access once the personal welcome had finished.


The solution

After the personal one-to-one tour and welcome has taken place, the resident is now introduced to their Get Living Assistant on the Google home device in their home, or on the Google Home app on their phones. The assistant welcomes them by providing information about their home, the appliances in it, utilities and surrounding amenities, so they feel at home from the get-go.

Christian Armstrong, Chief Experience Officer for Get Living explains, “It’s putting information at their [residents] fingertips, making it readily available. Secondly it is opening up a wider range of information for the neighbourhood.”

What’s more, the Get Living Assistant is programmed to answer more than 150 queries. Residents are able to ask questions from: “How do I set up an account with my energy supplier?” to “Where’s the nearest pizza place?” and “What’s happening in East Village this week?” so they can easily manage their homes and make the most of their new neighbourhood.

Christian added “It will also learn from the queries – the more our residents use it, the smarter it will become. With a feedback functionality, the Get Living Assistant is a crucial tool for our team in understanding our residents’ needs so that we can continue to improve our personal service and rental offer.”

The Get Living Assistant is a deployment of a virtual assistant on the platform. This collaboration with Get Living reflects’s dedication to pushing the boundaries in the way customers and companies exchange information.

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