Case Study

Bots that solve IT issues

No matter how guided your IT support may be, there will always be people who will contact your service desk directly for a password reset, document recovery or update provisioning.

An IT service desk bot solution reduces human call handling by removing the “easier-to-handle” problems. This allows your agents to concentrate on more complex, second and third line issues that are valuable to you and your customer.

Our IT service desk bots:

  • Take on a first line role
  • Enhance the user’s experience
  • Improve quality of service
  • Link with key IT systems
  • Identify key trends

Agent assistance

Internal bots that allow newcomers to ask questions they’re unsure of.

Allow all employees to share your company’s knowledge pool with an agent assistant. Agents can ask the bot questions they’re unsure of while in conversation with the customer, meaning that newcomers will need less of an induction and can be up to full speed in days.

Save time and money with our pre-built platform.

Save yourself time and money by using our pre-built bot platform that’s been specifically created for IT service desks.