Case Study

Bots that interact with your tenants

A property management bot could provide your tenants with an extensive toolkit, increasing their satisfaction through easier interaction with you, the landlord.

A property bot could:

  • Provide clearer communication between tenants and landlords
  • Reduce landlord costs
  • Provide valuable data insights

The bot acts as an easy-to-use communication tool that tenants can use to report, request or schedule with their landlord using their own devices. Reduce costs by easing the level of direct support your tenants need and aligning processes and services through system integration.

Our bots also provide translation for any language through text and 4 languages through Alexa.

Information requests

Reduce the need for direct support and protect assets with easy access to information on tenant agreements.

Problem report

Allow tenants to report incidents that feed directly into your systems. Provide automated assistance, whether it’s self-help provision or a callout.

Guided assistance

Give tenants easy-to-follow instructions through text, speech or video, so they know how to fix basic problems such as a leaky tap or replacing a broken lightbulb.

Save time and money with our pre-built platform.

Save yourself time and money by using our pre-built bot platform that’s been specifically created for property management.