How an AI assistant will transform your customer insights

Joseph Clayton
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Happy customer using an AI assistant

Customers’ wants and needs change constantly, and staying informed about these shifts is pivotal for businesses seeking to grow and succeed. Leveraging AI assistants can keep you ahead by providing valuable customer insights, especially when compared to traditional chatbots, email, phone, or face-to-face interactions. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of customer insights, how an AI assistant can enhance them, and why this matters for your business expansion.

Unlocking the power of customer insights

Customer insights are a collection of trends in customer behaviour, data, and feedback that help businesses understand their customers and their purchasing decisions. By tapping into these insights, your business can make data-driven decisions, refine your product and incentives, and ultimately improve CSAT, NPS, retention and loyalty.

3 easy ways an AI assistant will improve your customer insights

Having an AI assistant on your website, app or social platform is like having a member of your team on hand to talk one on one with every single customer. Enabling your customers to talk to you about whatever they want, 24/7, gives you unparalleled insight into their wants and needs. Here are the key features of an AI assistant that enhance your customer insight capabilities::

  • Free text conversations: Users can freely type their queries to your AI assistant whenever they want, which gives you a rich stream of feedback and a deeper understanding of customer concerns.
  • Top topics: The best AI platforms show you the most common issues and inquiries, enabling you to prioritise improving these critical areas for your customers first.
  • Real-time feedback loops: AI assistants can resolve the majority of requests immediately and create real time feedback back into your system – especially valuable when dealing with stock, bookings, errors and technical bugs or troubleshooting as you can act fast and see trends developing without having to wait for the backlog to be cleared.

Why are customer insights so important?

Enhancing your customer insights has numerous benefits:

  1. Fuel growth: These insights allow you to make faster, more informed, data-driven decisions and in a highly competitive market this can make all the difference, especially on reviews, ratings and recommendations which in turn, encourage a new round of fresh customers
  2. Increase loyalty: Using these insights can create an unparalleled level of service and eradicate pain points. Greater customer happiness, thanks to immediate, convenient, more efficient problem resolution and tailored offerings leads to fewer customers switching due to dissatisfaction
  3. Drive innovation: Customer insights can reveal unmet needs or emerging trends, inspiring your business to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Harnessing the power of our AI platform for valuable customer insights

Our platform, AI Studio, delivers invaluable customer insights through several key features:

  • Data visualisation: Insights into your customers’ top conversation topics are generated automatically for you at no additional cost
  • Great user experience: All your customer insights are captured within a single messenger interface, eliminating the need to create survey after survey to get the same data
  • Automated feedback / response loop: Our platform comes with built in conversation review process. It suggests new topics and improvements for your AI assistant based on user queries allowing for constant refinement of language, trends, and issues without a big process of “re-training”. This allows you to continually improve your AI assistant in line with your customers’ wants and needs, without any heavy lifting in-sight
  • Affordable pricing: Starting at just £99 a month, our platform offers an economical way to gather essential insights from every single customers that speaks to you via your digital touchpoints
  • Exit surveys: AI assistants typically have higher completion rates, making them a great place to embed exit surveys. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), conversations flow naturally, allowing users to respond in their own words, at scale, to questions such as “How did you hear about us?” The responses are then logged for you in real-time.


What are customer insights and why are they important for businesses?

Customer insights refer to trends in customer behaviour, data, and feedback that help businesses understand their customers and their purchasing decisions. These insights are important because they enable data-driven decision-making, product refinement, and improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

How can an AI assistant improve customer insights?

An AI assistant enhances customer insights by allowing customers to freely express their queries, providing businesses with valuable feedback and a better understanding of customer concerns. It identifies common issues and inquiries, enabling businesses to prioritise improvements and address critical areas. Additionally, AI assistants offer real-time feedback loops, resolving requests immediately and helping identify trends for prompt action and enhanced customer experiences.

Why are customer insights important for business growth and customer loyalty?

Customer insights play a vital role in business growth as they facilitate faster, data-driven decision-making, positive reviews, ratings, and recommendations, ultimately attracting new customers. Moreover, insights enable businesses to address pain points, provide tailored solutions, and offer superior service, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and reduced customer churn.

How does the AI Studio platform utilise customer insights?

The AI Studio platform utilises customer insights by automatically generating data visualisations of top conversation topics, offering a streamlined user experience within a single messenger interface. With an automated feedback/response loop and the ability to embed exit surveys, businesses can continuously refine their AI assistant and gather essential insights at an affordable price.