Want an AI chatbot? Go one better!

Create an advanced AI assistant that integrates with your business systems on any digital channel

Create an advanced AI assistant that integrates with your business systems on any digital channel

Technology’s come a long way since the first AI chatbot

Use our advanced platform to create an AI assistant that can use information from any business system you use to engage with customers, just like the rest of your team does. Personalise the customer experience to offer an extraordinary service that keeps customers loyal.


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AI chatbots are a thing of the past ― here’s why

In the 1990s, an AI chatbot could recognise your question, but only if you typed it in the exact way it was programmed to understand it. AI engineers had to try and think of every way somebody might ask the same question to give the bot an answer. Impossible, right? We’ve moved on…

  • We constantly train your AI assistant to look for natural patterns in everyday conversation, so people can ask a question in a hundred different ways and still get the right answer
  • Some of the AI assistants we’ve created now answer 99% of customer queries for our clients, where old-fashioned chatbots were never adaptable enough to ‘learn’ how to

With our advanced platform, you can offload 85% of your most essential customer queries from day one and grow your AI assistant from there in whatever way you want to, with unlimited options.

Everything you need for AI automation in one platform

“Coop wants to build a level of customer experience that is unparalleled in the Swedish retail marketplace. The work that EBI.AI is doing for us gives us a tool to build strong relationships with our customers and support them with an important part of their daily life.”

Amer Mohammad


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We keep good company

EBI.AI tech partners and advisors

We keep good company

EBI.AI tech partners and advisors

AI assistants ‘read’ information just like you do

When you link up your AI assistant with your business systems, it has access to the account numbers or references you need to solve your customer’s common problems. In real time. We can connect with any technology system, so you can help people in real-time with specific enquiries personal to them.

  • Give your team the most rewarding work while your AI assistant handles the rest
  • Let your team handle complex enquiries they’re skilled to do
  • Spend more time working on the tasks that are most profitable

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“We want to work with proactive tech partners who will lead the way in innovation, which was a big reason why we chose EBI.AI, and ultimately because of their ability to integrate with our app and into our systems.”

Sam Winnard


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Experience is everything in a digital-first world

Experience is everything in a digital-first world

PWC found consumers pay “up to 16% more for better customer experience”.

Using an AI assistant, people can ask you what they want to know, whenever they want, wherever they are, in their own words.

You don’t need to know anything about AI assistants to use our platform ― just set it up and let it learn! Our team of technology and language experts will guide you all the way.

Conversational AI that just works