8 ways Lobster AI transforms customer experience

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8 ways Lobster AI transforms customer experience

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We’d like for you to get to know our Lobster platform and understand why it’s different. Here are just 8 ways Lobster AI transforms customer experience and real-business examples.

Did you know:

  • Lobsters form long-term relationships (once upon a time, a TV show called Friends coined: “She’s your Lobster”, Phoebe Buffay – Friends, Season 2 Episode 14)
  • They live forever, allegedly
  • They’re historically undervalued, just like customer experience

Why am I talking to you about Lobsters? Our conversational AI platform called Lobster gives you the right conversations to make customers for life.

If your company is stuck handling repetitive contact centre calls or looking for new ways to provide seamless and engaging customer experience, join the other 75% of businesses implementing AI by 2024 to compete in the global marketplace.

1. Future-proof your virtual assistant: the best NLP tech always

The value of our groundbreaking Lobster AI communications platform is that it is technology agnostic – meaning that EBI.AI chooses the best Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available for the task. And if the desired Machine Learning models don’t exist – we build them.

This ensures that your virtual assistant will carry on business as usual even if we’ve swapped to an even better technology in the background. As a result, your virtual assistant will continue to be the best at making lifelong customers.


2. Integrate with virtually any business system

Lobster does more than just answer FAQs, it comes equipped with ready to use integrations and a flexible integration framework. By sitting at the heart of your business, Lobster can easily integrate across the scope of your customer interactions.

3. Enterprise class

Lobster is built with large enterprises in mind, meaning that it is both secure and auditable. Each interaction or change is logged within your system for auditing and Lobster has passed the information and security criteria for highly-regulated companies across the world.

Lobster offers you the best of enterprise-grade conversational AI whilst maintaining the flexibility of a small-startup culture that is personalised to your company.

For example, read the case study about how EBI.AI transformed Legal & General Insurance’s customer service by implementing SmartHelp, an AI virtual assistant. At least 11% of Legal & General customers use SmartHelp on the available web pages, on some pages as high as 42%.

4. Multichannel and multilingual

AI assistants built on Lobster can listen and reply to over 32 languages, read and write in over 100. Today, Lobster assistants are live all over Europe speaking to customers in English, Swedish, Dutch, German and Polish.

For example, get to know our award-winning chatbot called Stina for Stena Line. Stina currently speaks English, Swedish and German and is one of the travel industry’s most helpful virtual AI assistants.

Stina for Stena Line Case Study AI virtual assistant travel industry

5. Handover to an agent using the Lobster agent hub

For when that human touch is needed, your assistant can hand over to the best available agent via chat or telephony. Lobster can integrate with your current live chat and telephony providers or your agents can use what we call the Lobster Reef space to communicate with your customers.

Lobster AI transforms customer experience by quickly and effectively answering customer queries while empowering your contact centre agents to handle more complex queries.

6. Customer Data Platform

By adding a customer data platform Lobster provides your AI assistant with ‘memory’. This is where your virtual assistant will remember customer details and preferences to enable you to provide a truly personalised customer experience.

For example, read about our virtual assistant called Cooper that we built for one of Sweden’s largest supermarkets Coop Sveridge. Once rolled out nationwide, Cooper will provide a fully personalised concierge service based upon each customer’s preferences and dietary requirements.

Cooper virtual AI assistant for Coop Sveridge

7. Reporting & analytics

Get real data insights from Lobster’s pre-built dashboards with data gathered from your customers interactions with your AI solution. Use these insights to identify new opportunities for automation and boost engagement.

8. Richer responses

Finally, go further than words as Lobster supports video, photos, links, carousels and emojis to create rich and engaging customer interactions. For example, our property client JLL use videos to assist their tenants who use their Property Bot to report maintenance issues.

Property Bot Case Study JLL built by EBI.AI, rich video responses by AI

Thanks for reading, if you want to know more about our Lobster platform and what we do, please request a demo and an AI solutions consultant will be in touch shortly. 

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